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Title: Tangled
Fandom: House, M.D.
Characters/Pairings: Cameron, Wilson/Cameron, House/Cameron
Spoilers: none in particular, I think
Rating: R, mostly language and some mild sexuality
Word Count: 700-ish
Author's Notes: I actually did finish this in Nov '06, and I was rummaging through some old stuff and came across it, so ... nearly two years late ... so here you go. Done for the backsexy challenge. My prompt was this picture. Warning: Amateur use of symbolism ahead.


( She stands in front of the floor-length mirror, clad only in bra and panties, examining herself. )


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14 December 2006 @ 02:52 pm
I know, I know. I'm like, two million months late. And guys, I'm so SO sorry. But finally, here is my entry.

I am so done.

Title: there, we will find our doom
Fandom: house, md
Characters/Pairings: house, cameron, wilson, house/cameron, wilson/cameron
Word Count: 3,266
Prompt: 06. See quote below.
Rating: r for sexy words and images
Summary: it reminds him of dark nights and sweat and sex and the feel of bare skin underneath his finger tips.
Author's Notes: This is for the backsexy ficathon. I’m nearly two months late, and for that I apologize immensely. I’m just so happy to have this finished, finally. Thanks to _vicodin for the plot help; this wouldn’t have been half as good if it weren’t for your idea, darling. Much kisses. Thanks to marcasite for the fantastic beta job - love ya! And for the rest of you: I hope this is at least a little bit worth the wait. ♥

there, we will find our doom.

Enjoy! ♥
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22 November 2006 @ 06:13 pm
Title: And the Music Fades
Author: Gnat
Character/Paring: House/Cameron/Wilson
Rating: PG-13, max.
Word Count: 1720
Prompt: 50. When the routine bites hard
and ambitions are low
And the resentment rides high
but emotions won't grow
And we're changing our ways,
taking different roads
Then love, love will tear us apart again
--Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart lyrics
Summary: The trio, post-sex and twitchy.
Disclaimer: Not mine! Please to not sue!
Author's Notes: AHAHAHA I lose at life I am so sorry that this is so incredibly late. I still don't like it, but I figure that if I put this off any longer I'll need to commit harakiri. So. Have at it, yarrr.

And the Music Fades
16 November 2006 @ 01:30 pm
Title: None Of Us Are Free
Author: Sway (xheartrockx)
Written For: backsexy
Pairing: House/Cameron
Setting: during and after 2.07 “Hunting”
Rating: R for some language
Summary: Coming down from a high was never fun, whatever the drug might be, but seeing it happen to a person who was usually so considerate and together, didn’t even leave him untouched.
Prompt: #49 "What I'm trying to describe is that it's impossible to get out of your skin into somebody else's.... That somebody else's tragedy is not the same as your own." --Diane Arbus
A/N: Thanks to monkeyscorpion for beta’ing this. Love you, hun. I’m sorry this took so long. Things were pretty jammed around here, and then I didn’t like it and kind of re-wrote half of it. It isn’t really sexy but I hope you’ll it anyway. They talk about sex, so maybe that counts as all. Anyway… any kind of feedback appreciated.

None Of Us Are Free
07 November 2006 @ 05:59 pm
Name: wyrdsmyth
Title: Frustration
Author: Kate
Character/Paring: House/Cam
Word Count: 1320
Prompt: #34- She's got such a dirty mind and it never ever stops/And you don't taste like her and you never ever will. Block Party, Banquet
Summary: When you start something you can't finish you are bound to get a little frustrated...
Author's Notes: A 2500 word assignment, an exam I hadn't studied for, and a grand total of four CSI:NY fics and two Criminal Minds fics stood in the way of me actually getting this done on time. But it's done, finally. It didn't turn out the way I expected, and it really dosn't reference the prompt much, but there you go.

EnjoyCollapse )
06 November 2006 @ 01:16 am
Title: And We Dream of Twilight, and Softly Spoken Words
Author: jd_lit
Character/Pairing: House/Cameron
Word Count: 1407
Prompt: 35. And oft, my jealousy shapes faults that are not. William Shakespeare
Summary: As he walks away, he thinks he despises her earnestness more than anything else. He tries not to think about the way her lips looked when she thanked him. Third Season, immediate future.
Author's Notes: For backsexy. This is the first House/Cameron piece I’ve ever written and it’s slightly sexy without the sex – I’ll save that for another time. Concrit totally encouraged. Much thanks to everknowledge for the beta.

And We Dream of Twilight, and Softly Spoken Words
05 November 2006 @ 04:46 pm
TITLE: Calligraphy
AUTHOR: dragynflies
PAIRING: Cameron/Wilson, Cameron/House
SUMMARY: She smells like vanilla and strawberries, and you forget to remind yourself that you don’t care.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Don’t sue.
AN: Written for Backsexy! WOO! My prompt was picture of a man reading mail

02 November 2006 @ 01:32 am
Title: Upside of Down
Author: marcasite/Michelle
Character/Paring: Cameron/House, Cameron/Wilson
Word Count: 1846
Prompt: 04. "The same passions in man and woman nonetheless differ in tempo; hence man and woman do not cease misunderstanding one another." -- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
Author's Notes: hanks to cutting_rm_flr for the amazing beta and helping me hash this one out. For cammy_luv who had given me the prompt sin.

this conversation would only go in circles. She’s been here before.

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02 November 2006 @ 12:36 am
Title: modes of perception
Author: synecdoche
Character/Paring: House/Cameron, Wilson/Cameron
Word Count: 1327
Rating: R
Prompt: 28. I wrote my feelings down in a rush/I didn't even check the spelling,/And closed the postcard of a painting/You are just another thing that I have yet to fathom,/Oooh you are just another thing I've yet to fathom. Maximo Park, Postcard of a Painting.
Summary: But that was months ago and today you need someone to touch you. You're not sure who.
Author's Notes: For backsexy. This turned into a huge experiment in syntax, which I guess is what happens when there's existentialism in the mix... If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy. ♥

( modes of perception )
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01 November 2006 @ 05:17 am
Title: Paint it black (1/1)
Author: beeeez
Character/Paring: House/Cameron
Word Count: 937
Rating: R
Prompt: 26. There's a gap in between/there's a gap where we meet/where I end and you begin. Radiohead, Where I End and You Begin
Summary: This isn’t ending. Somehow, they are getting by. Apocalypse!fic.
Author's Notes: Forbacksexy. Prompt #26 Thanks to teenwitch77 for the beta =D

This isn't ending.